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Cheese burger with the identical look and interesting texture, but the cheese burger this one is far from being attractive. One of the food franchise Burger King in Japan has recently issued their latest menu, Black Cheese Burger.

You may already be familiar with a cheese burger from Burger King that is synonymous with a distinctive flavor and texture. However, recently gave a Burger King Japan's latest innovation in its menu, the Black Cheese Burger. The burger itself was named Kuro Burger (burger black), because it is made from black bread made ​​from bamboo. In addition to support zoom, there is a squid ink sauce and beef with a mixture of black pepper complete with cheese mixed with black bamboo. 

There are two types of burgers are offered namely, The Kuro Pearl dan The Kuro Diamond. Both are intentionally related theme jewelry. Unfortunately this product can only be enjoyed in Japan, and the new plan will be a promo at the end of this month with a limited period of time.

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