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C-Blog: Terminators Guide - Photo credit:facebook, edition by Amber255 via bitLanders

For more than 100 years of cinema history, robots have already turned into stars. It can even be said that they contributed no less to the film industry than the most famous actors did, especially for the genre of cinema fiction. Millions of moviegoers and ordinary viewers are happy to go to the cinema when it comes to the next movie about smart robots. And although most of my readers may see the films of the Terminator franchise, today I want to present to you all kinds of terminators we see in five films of the Terminator saga.

If you want to feel old, then imagine that since the premiere of the first Terminator film, more than 30 years have passed. But exactly the films of James Cameron became the ancestor of the entire universe where the few surviving inhabitants of the Earth are fighting intelligent robots running by Skynet.

Many of us apparently saw the Terminator saga with the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. These films tell us about the robotic uprising that was managed by Skynet, an artificially awarded computer. 

The world of terminators is unfriendly to man. Skynet - artificial intelligence with free will, highly creative thinking, and a strong sense of self-preservation - perceives Homo sapiens as enemies. And if the enemy does not give up, they destroy him. With the help of terminators.

The world terminator comes from the Latin verb terminare - complete, terminate, put a limit (it is the ways how machines should have dealt with humanity). Most often, we use this word when talking about anthropomorphic robots. It is habitual but wrong.

In the Terminator universe, this is the common name for all the robots and mechanisms created by the artificial intelligence Skynet for the extermination of humanity. These are both tracked combat vehicles and robots made of liquid metal alloys that perform various combat missions. The main task of the terminators is the physical elimination of people.

Once upon a time, the evil computer program Skynet sent a killer cyborg called a Terminator back in time to kill Sarah Connor, the mother of the future leader of the human resistance in the war against the machines. When that failed, it sent a more advanced robot back in time to execute the young John Connor, but old John Connor sent back another robot to protect his younger self. And it only got crazier from there. Pretty soon, there were all kinds of flesh-covered robots floating around two separate timelines and it all got very confusing.

Credit: screencrush

All killing machines, both created by Skynet itself and Cyberdyne Systems, can be called terminators, even if they looked like a snail. And if we talk only about humanoid terminators, the number of their models is also quite significant.

Every new killing machine can destroy someone in different ways. The Hydrobot living in water will not allow a person to avoid underwater death, the Moto-Terminator will attack motorcyclists, and the robot Hunter-Killer will fight every life.

Perhaps the most impressive non-humanoid robot, called Harvester, cyborg higher than five-story home, that has evolved from the cyborg T-600, which has dominated earlier films.

For the construction of new machines, the works of previous films were analyzed to determine what they were made of and how they were made. Most of the machines are the work of multimedia creator Martin Laing, who created the Titanic and Ghosts of the Abyss.

In the first two parts of the Terminator, robots appeared rarely without human form. T1, one of the first non-humanoid terminators, appeared in the third part. It turns out that it was not computer graphics without the life signs but the real robot. The robot was able to ride and do almost everything that did T1 played in the film. It had not only instructions for killing, and the machine guns were filled with empty cartridges.

Every Terminator Ever On-Screen - Video credit: youtube

Recent trends in robotics, as well as advances in the creation of artificial intelligence, make us think about the Day of Judgment, which has been repeatedly and in detail described in Terminator films. But let's not talk about sad things, but remember which models of iron cars appeared in films and games devoted to this topic.

I created Querlo chat about most impressive robots of the Terminator Franchise. All the franchise's terminators can be divided into humanoid robots and non-humanoid robots. 

I provided more info about:

Humanoid robots: 

T-800, T-850, T-600, T-700, T-1000, T-X, T-H.

Non-humanoid Terminators: 

T1, HK-Drone, HK-Tank, Harvester, Moto-Terminator, Hydrobot, HK-Aerial.

For more info about terminators, check my virtual presentation and let's chat (if you want a full-screen mode, click the link: Terminators Guide):

Now countries around the world are developing in military robotics, for example, BigDog from Boston Dynamics  - this is the management of promising research projects of the US Department of Defense.

 By the way, recently Elon Musk and 160 other heads of leading IT companies signed a petition, where they refused to support and take part in the development of military robots. Previously, they were in favor of regulating the industry and limiting the powers of AI to prevent the death of civilians.  

So, maybe humanity will be enough wise and we will never see such wars, fightings as in the Terminator Franchise.


 C-Blog: Terminators Guide - Video credit: querlo 

There are a lot of models of terminators, but most of them are mentioned only in comics and books written based on a fictional universe or were released as toys, but still many people remembered only those models that appeared in Terminator Franchise

According to the laws of the robots: the robot cannot harm humans. In the films, the opposite happens, and scientists have to engage in a fight with their own creations. However, there are films where androids help humanity fight off their own rampaging co-brothers. 

Interesting, what the robots we will see in future science fiction movies? It looks to me, robots in the movies are becoming more sensitive; they show emotions. When the mechanism, which is not endowed with the ability to experience feelings, begins to show emotions, intelligence, and will, it can be both insanely touching and truly scary.


bitLanders C-Blogging: Terminators Guide - Photo credit: theterminatorfans

We know that a car cannot have feelings, that it does not have character. But who did not give the car affectionate nicknames or did not negotiate with a laptop that suddenly turned off? We endow the mechanisms with our own feelings and qualities: they are naughty, stupid, want to relax. And it is in everyday life. What can we say about cinema, where robots embody the fears and aspirations of modern man: they can be sensitive friends, loyal helpers - or irreconcilable enemies who, suddenly rebelling, take power over humanity.

It's interesting to wait and see what the future films will bring to us. 


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