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You all know how much I love photography, taking photos and printing them on, most of the time on photo books which I order online, you must have read about my previous blogs on how I create those photo books or just through my Canon Sephy CP 1300, a portable printer which uses film strips in printing instead of inks.

Getting a tangible copy of my digital photos is such a satisfying thing although I haven't tried printing huge prints, it is one of my goals in the future. There's one more thing that I like to do when printing, and that is to edit the image into a polaroid shot with frames, sometimes with writings and sometimes just blank white.

I use different types of applications, mostly mobile apps which can create the Polaroid shots because I will have to pin it into my journal and walls just to remind myself with the events and things happening in the past days.

Most of the time, I would take mobile pictures into digital polaroids. This is because they can easily be accessed directly from the mobile device. And the portability of mobile phones is never a question.

Today's C-Blog features one of the apps which I use for creating polaroids, this is what is called Instants. I have learned about it a few weeks ago when I was looking for alternate applications because I need to make different types of polaroid frames. This is what's good about Instants and I will be dealing with the different forms of polaroid frames in this Querlo Chat. I am certain that you will learn another means of creating this type of photo design, these can even be used to post the images on social media sites.

Also, this is a free app which is perfect for those who don't like to shell out any amount from their pockets just to be able to do such simple action. Because it is given that making polaroids can be made in different software like Adobe Photoshop and others but then, this software and apps have to be paid to be able to use them. Now with Instants, that's not really a problem, it has all its features available to all users.

Enough on that, let's start dissecting and learning how to really use the app, what are its features and how to make the best out of the application. Learn about it in the C-Blog below.



Image credits: screenshot of the Instants Querlo Chat

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