Car Washing

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We often want our cars to shine. They definitely shine once they are new but as the time passes the shine also stars to dull. We try hard to maintain it but it is of no use. The reason is that we are doing it all wrong. In Pakistan most of the cars are washed with cloth washing detergents and dried up with inappropriate towels. This results in paint damaging. The most important factor here is that the car lovers take care of everything, but forget the most the thing which is most visible " the paint". Here I am going to give some tips which can help them save the paint and prolong the shine of the paint.

·        Wash the car with a top quality synthetic shampoo

·        Make sure the car is under shade

·        Use a best quality microfiber towels

·        Use two bucket system

·        Wash top to bottom

·        Dry the car with a water magnet towel

·        Wax your car twice a month at least

·        If the car is filled up with swirls, visit a professional detailer

Once you follow such techniques, you would easily be able to main your cars finish. For more information, visit us @

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