CashGranted-free Grant platform that pays weekly

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CashGranted-free Grant platform that pays weekly

At first glance, you would definitely believe you are getting the money at the end of the week, but it’s entirely lonely road of waiting and no answer.   A friend of mine invited me to recommend him to get N70k ($193.06) on CashGranted.

I was active and had high expectations. I was frequent, three to five times per day in other to reach pave way, to be among the 1000’s recommended request before the stipulated date.


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Day in day out, I’m thrilled with the feeling N70K in my bank account at the end of the week.  Disappointment & shattered dreams filled my weekend. I could not believe my eyes.

I decided to dig deeper. You won’t believe what I discovered.


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CashGranted is a free registration online site that grants money to everyone. It only has one set back; you must be among the 1000 most recommended requested fund for the week to get paid.

I need the money so I got serious

I needed the money,  I dug deeper trying to find ways to earn that money and to see if CashGranted is legit. Off-course, I found out that the site is registered and it looks legit. But I still did not get paid.

Therefore, This is my discoveries about CashGranted

What is Cashgranted?

CashGranted is a website/platform that gives a Grant to Nigerians on request. It is a site that is Advert-Enabled Funds-Granting that range from N20,000. to a maximum of N70,000. to a thousand people per week. Wow!! A thousand people!

How CashGranted Generates Revenue

The site CashGranted claims to generate revenue by displaying adverts to anyone who visits the site or is already registered, members.  From the revenue generated by displaying adverts, they make payments to a thousand people per week.


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The sign-up process for CashGranted is way easy than signing up an account on Facebook. To register, you need the following;

1.    Name: First name and Last Name

2.    Email address

3.    Account number (Nigerian account number to any bank of your  choice)

4.    Phone number

5.     Username

After providing the above information, you are a registered member of CashGranted and you are provided with a link, like this

How to Earn Grants from CashGranted?

Unlike Bitlanders, CashGranted has a single way of earning-the Grant. You get Grants weekly by requesting an amount between N20,000 to N70,000 in your home area.

CashGranted Account Explained

After registering an account with CashGranted, at the Top left corner of your screen, you have the following icons’



Your Account



Home icon

The home icon gets you to access to a list important notices

Your account: This shows the current recommendation your account has. This helps in keeping you on track to reaching among the 1000’s most recommended request for the week.

Get more friends to recommend you:

This gives you access to your personal link that you can share to friends and family members to recommend you to be paid the said grant within the stipulated date.

click on the link

Date your fund's request will be provided:

As sad as it may seem, you can make a request for a maximum of two (2) weeks. Once you have reached the quota, you get paid into your local bank account. Payment is made on a Saturday every week.

View your current fund request:

You get to see your request and also have the opportunity to make some changes by editing the reason for making the request.

View auto-recommendations you’ve gotten:

In order to get your requested grant on CashGranted, you must get people to recommend you for payment. You also have the privilege to recommend other people to get paid.

To every person you recommend, you increase your chances of getting paid by +3 and the other person by+1 chance.


image credits: Docxdrl via CashGranted

View and recommend other requester’s fund request: This is the final and last link. You recommend other people to increase your chances of getting paid.

Other links are

Make a new fund request

Update your profile


How CashGranted Pays

According to the site CashGranted, you can get paid directly into your local bank account in Nigeria on a Saturday before 6 pm Nigerian time. unfortunately, there is no record of anyone getting paid so far.

My personal views of CashGranted

In as much as I love to make money online and get paid the N70,000K, I’m optimistic that CashGranted is not a scam. Although CashGranted is an indecisive site in this review because am still hoping to be within the thousand most recommended request of the week.  Therefore, stay tuned as I will definitely trying to reach the quota for a recommended request for the week.

Should You Register on CashGranted

I strongly do not wish for anyone to register with CashGranted, because I have done all I could, but have not found myself in the 1000 most recommended grants for the week.

Please if you know anyone in Nigeria, from any place in the world that has  made money from CashGranted, please leave a comment below


These views/opinions/suggestions are entirely that of the author.


The sites mentioned in this post are strictly for information purposes.

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