Change the world through the Zakat and Follow the rules of Islam

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In the world there are three classes of peoples are present.One is the upper class in which the wealthy and rich peoples are included.Second is middle class that have normal money for passing their life and third one is the lower class that included the very poor peoples.Today we discuss the third class of peoples that pass their life very hard and difficult.

They do not have enough money to spent their life easily.Even they do not have enough money to get basic necessities of life like food,clothes,house etc.

This is all due to our system that we do not give the Zakat to the poor peoples and we safe our money in banks.In the Pakistan the amount of poor peoples is very large because we broke the rules of Islam and we collect the money and store it.


It is our responsibility to help the poor peoples and struggle to give them a better life according to the Islam.In the Muslim countries the system of Zakat and funds are organized for the poor peoples.Now a day in every country the different organization are present for the betterment of poor peoples and to make a good feature of that peoples.

We should help that poor peoples because our Holy Prophet S.A.W say that"Always help that poor and needy'

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