Check out my show on the Voluntary Virtues Network - "CoinProz Crypto Talk Hour"

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I'm currently hosting two podcast on Michael Shanklin's new network, Voluntary Virtues Network. One is on Fridays at 8pm EST and is called "Roads To Liberty" and focuses on Libertarian / Voluntarist issues. The other show is called "CoinProz Crypto Talk Hour" and it covers all things Bitcoin. We've had guests such as Evan Wagner from Counterparty as well as Big J Shaggy D from the PinkCoin team. Check out an episode and leave me your feedback in the show's comment stream! Thanks!

Link to the playlist: HERE!!!

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CEO & Founder @FutureMediaMgmt, Host @RoadsToLiberty and huge #Bitcoin enthusiast. Hit me up about #marketing or #sales to talk #business!

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