Chicken Crosants

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I have not taken a picture of these yet, but I want to share with you a simple, fast and cheap recipe that I made up.


1 can of crossants (I use Pillsbury)

butter (enough for a pat of each, so it depends on how many crossants you get)

Precooked chicken pieces (I get John Soule, it is gluten and hormone free)

1 small bag of grated cheddar cheese

1 small stem of fresh broccolli

garlic powder



1) Preheat oven to temperture for crossants (depending on brand and size, mines 350 degrees F)

2) Spray or grease cookies sheet. And roll out crossants in pieces as cut.

3) Cut chicken on a cutting board in desired size of bites, spread about 8 or so of them on each crossant.

4) Cut or break up the broccoli and spread in between and on the chicken in the same manor.

5) Sprinkle the desired amount garlic powder on each one also.

6) Followed by sprinkling the desired amount of cheese as well.

7) Roll the crossant dough up around the ingredients, having to tuck some in that might be falling out.

8) Place a pat of butter on top of each closed crossant.

9) Bake at 350 degrees F for 13 minutes.



I loved them and when my 8 year old granddaughter comes over she begs me to fix them. I spent about $9-$10 for this and have plenty of cheese, garlic powder, butter and some chicken left when I am making a dinner of 8 of them.


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