Choosing your Battles

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Life is a constant battle of what's best for us and what's not.
We always do make some decisions that eventually we regret at the end of the line.

It is not cowardice to back out on some decisions we make in the past that can ruin a certain event in the future. That just simply means that we are keen enough to know and to learn that choosing such is not a good idea and there's a much bigger opportunity we need to face in the long run.

We all have dreams, we wanted to be successful - both in love and the career that we choose, be financially stable and eventually live a life that we once wanted to have. But facing all problems in life is indeed very tiring in which some of it are just petty fights to the extent that it is just a simple problem that we just wanted to expand. Have you notice that?

So choose what is necessarily worth fighting for and will give greater impact in your life in the future.

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