Christmas in the Philippines

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We all know that there are many special occasions in one year one of this is Christmas not only because it is the birth of Jesus but I think it is one of the happiest occasion in a year. But have you experience the Christmas in our country? The Philippines. They say that one of the longest Christmas celebration can be found here in the Philippines and I think that’s really true. I can say that Christmas is different in the Philippines not only because of the long celebration but also because of the Filipinos who are very excited in celebrating Christmas. Other say that they are excited because of exchanging gifts and relatives visiting each other and having reunited to your love ones is very priceless. One reason that Christmas is different and special in the Philippines because of the “Simbang Gabi” or dawn mass. This mass takes 9 days of celebration until the day of Christmas. In the Philippines you can also find the longest preparation for Christmas, starting of the “Ber” months marks the countdown and preparation for Christmas. Many tourist also visits Philippines to experience the Christmas celebration here. In fact not only during Christmas that you can see the essence of Christmas here in the Philippines. You can see Filipinos helping each other sharing their blessing to the needy. Even in a strong challenge Filipinos still smile even their lost everything. Christmas in the Philippines is one of the best thing that every Filipino should be proud of, no other country can beat the very nice essence of Christmas in the Philippines. I am proud to be a Filipino and I am very happy that even if I grow old I would carry this traits. Sharing and caring to each other can not be paid by any material thing in the world.


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