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Coffee is one amongst the foremost widespread hot drinks within the world. virtually a 3rd of the world’s population drinks occasional. individuals typically meet at cafes or occasional retailers for a tea break throughout the center of the morning or stop add the afternoon to drink occasional.
About seven million loads of occasional area unit created each year. Brazil is, by far, the world’s largest occasional producer. a couple of third of the world’s production comes from this South yankee country. different occasional manufacturing countries embody Vietnam, state and Columbia.

The u. s. is that the biggest occasional client within the world. About 1.2 billion kilograms of occasional area unit consumed there each year. Drinking occasional is very widespread in European countries, like Italy, France and FRG, additionally as in Brazil.
Coffee grows as a green-leaved tree or bush with anthesis white flowers. The occasional bush originally comes from African country however, within the course of your time unfold to geographical region and South America.
There area unit 2 basic kinds of occasional. Arabic accounts for regarding seventieth of the world’s occasional production. it's big within the higher regions of central and South America and is widespread for its flavor and fragrance. strong has unfold throughout central and japanese Africa. though it makes up solely thirty per cent of the whole occasional production it's become additional necessary as a result of it will resist diseases higher. It conjointly has smaller beans and might grow at lower altitudes than Arabic.
Coffee plants grow within the heat and dampish climate of the tropics and semitropics. Most occasional trees grow best between one thousand and 2500 meters higher than water level.
Coffee trees manufacture fruits known as berries. initially they're yellow, so become red as they mature. a mean tree will manufacture enough berries to create a couple of pound (half a kilo) of cooked occasional.
Coffee seeds area unit big in nursery beds. once a year they're planted in specially ready fields. It takes a tree regarding six years to provide a full harvest of occasional berries. the most important ones will get on my feet to 6 meters tall, however they're commonly cut to a height of one.5 to four meters.

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