Cointellect - Mining done right

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Now just before I begin on what Cointellect is I just want to say that these are affiliate invites.
So what is Cointellect?
Cointellect is a high earning dogecoin pool. You can withdraw directly to PayPal from the pool aswell!
What else can I do?
You can rent out your mining rig, you can rent a mining rig, you can mine on your GPU using there very nice looking program.
What is there mining software like?
Well it looks very clean and nice, it isn't command line. You can use a slider to change how hard you want your GPU to work and it tells you how your GPU is.
So who is this for?
Well anyone can use it, but it is (I think) aimed at the people who when they have a spare moment and what to mine some spare doge on their graphics card. It pays out allot more than obdedd5c8~s when you have a low hashrate.
So where can I redeem this and what do I do?
1. Go over to and click 'Sign Up'.
2. Verify your email.
3. Download mining software.
4. Watch it and check all is going well.
5. Watch the Doge pour in!
6. Get payed out in either crypto or paypal!
7. Have fun!


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