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Allah has blessed us with countless blessings which are very much essential for the fulfillment of our life’s requirements. These blessings are at much extent important that without these, we’ll find it difficult to live peacefully. We should always be thankful to Allah for all of these and try to thank Him in the way He deserves.


Things come and go in life as we say that the change is the taste of life and this is the human’s nature also that e can’t survive without change in his life. These changes may bring good or bad effects with them but one should be thankful to Allah under all circumstances because Allah knows well that at which time, which thing is good for us and which is not.


We should always keep in mind that He had made our lives beautiful and colorful by giving us the various things. If we take a glance of our surroundings, all of us are provided with blood relations like parents, sisters, brothers and other relations who stand by us through thick and thin, we are nothing without them. He has provided us with a number of events, which are sources of happiness as well as sorrow for us. If we confront sad events, we become grieved and perturbed for the moment.


 After that, span of happy moments start. These occasions vanish the dots of sorrows and fill life with joys. Man have to savior all sort of occasions accordingly and do not be pessimist from the blessings of Allah. Life is the mixture of good and bad colors. These colors are to combine in any way or the other  and make the whole story of life.