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Colors are the signs of life. In this world everything have a specific color. No one will be colorless. The different colors of the things combined to form this beautiful world. Not only this world the sun , stars, planets even the sky are also have their specific color.

Color are not only to enhance the beauty of the things but also differentiate with the other things like water is a blue color, sky is a black color, mountains are both in green and brown color, moon is a white color. Every thing in the universe have its own specific color which differ from other even in human beings.

Some people are dark black color and some are pure white. Some peoples are brown color and some are reddish white color. Those peoples who are physically unfit and ill, then their color will be pale yellow.

Under the sea, the fishes and other sea animals are consist of different colors. Some animals are those, who have ability to change their color with respect to their surrounding. These animals are, snake, earth warm. Some plants also change their color with respect to their surroundings.

In desert, the color of plants are brownish gray because the color of sand are brownish grey. The other qualities of color are that it increases the beauty of the world. If every thing are in the world is in a same color then it seems to be so boring. So colors make this world attractive, beautiful and charming.

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