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Have you ever heard about the song of Michelle Branch entitled “Everything Comes and Goes”? Probably you are not so familiar with it. If I would relate it to the real world, the meaning of this song is so much true. In this freaking world of us, the only thing that is permanent is change. Everything is temporary. Everyone may stay for long but not forever.

            The things we have right now might be gone. Our physical appearance will fade later on. One more thing, the problems or struggles that we experience right now will all pass and eventually, may turn you into better person. However, happiness won’t last long too. There are certain times in our lives where we become melancholic, depressed, confused due to several reasons.

            If things are not permanent, so, as people are. People come to our lives with different purposes: to make us happy, to hurt us, to broke us, to make us strong, to love us and so on and so forth until we become the person we ought to be. However, they will eventually leave us either with “official goodbye” or like a bubble which pops out without any warning.

The reason why I’m saying all of these is because I want to convey that we should enjoy everything that we have currently for they will soon be gone. We should learn to appreciate the people who are and who will be part of our lives. We should laugh hardly as much as we could coz sadness will come too. Enjoy the time that we are happy and don’t take life seriously for everything changes the other way around. NAAhhh!. Just enjoy and have fun! And accept the fact that everything or everyone comes and goes. Just that! Never stress yourself out. Remember, YOLO! (You Only Live Once). If you did not enjoy living, it’s your FAULT.

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