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Hello everyone, just is my second blog in bitlanders, if some of you did not read my first blog then i will suggest you to take a look of my previous blog in which was discussing about the football club "Real Madrid". Before I start my blog. I would like to thank bitlanders for giving us such an amazing platform from where we can show our skills in blogging and that can lead us towards professional blogging career.

As you guys can see on my intro that I am a Computer Engineer by profession and football lover by passion so now it's time to write something about "Computer Programming" and i would be targeting C#  language more as I am more inclined towards it.

What is Programming?

The programming is an instructions that allow computer to perform a specific task. There are many types of Programming Languages including (C#, Turbo C, HTML, JAVA and many others).



The C# and .NET Programming:

C# is an object oriented programming language that is created by Microsoft  with .NET framework. C# which is also known as "C Sharp" is a high level language and very similar to JAVA and C++. C# is made to be simple and user friendly and since it is a high level language so it is quiet similar to english language.

Now a days C# is being used all over the world and it is now one of the most popular languages. C# and .NET platform all are totally manage and maintain by microsoft and it is not an Open Source. As many big software companies use java as their primary language in their respective software products.




                                                          Video Credits: Techy Help via Youtube

C# is more powerful and richer than java but when it comes to safety JAVA's safety is more safer than the C#. C# language executes on CLR(Common Language Runtime) while JAVA execute on Java runtime Environment. There are many differences between these two languages but that would take too long if I am going to differentiate them. Java is one of the serious competitor of C# but however C# is much easier to use so according to me C# is the undisputed winner.

Advantages of C#:

C# is a purely object oriented and object oriented languages allow you to work with objects from real world e.g Student, Books, Cars and Others. C# is more of a efficient and faster relatively JAVA. Indexers allow you to access objects, if they are arrays. They also have pre defined and rich classes and that help functions to implement easily. Your C# Application will run very well and efficient if you have installed .NET Framework on your machine.

C# is more than just the "mother language" of .NET. It's fast becoming an industry standard.

                                                         Via: Techrepublic

Why not PHP?

 Apart from C# and Java, PHP is also widely used by the developers all around the world. PHP is more compatible for building small webs and web applications.  But at times it creates some serious difficulties while implementing large and complex software systems. It tends developers to write the code which is sometimes get difficult and can create chances for errors. In a industry of Software, PHP is mostly used for the small projects. PHP is also known as "Code monkey" because it let programmers to write code and some php programmer write such a bad quality codes, so that makes most of the big companies like (Google, Microsoft and Apple)to do not use PHP to avoid such sort of risks.


                                                                            Video Credits: Techy Help via youtube

About This Blog:

As I am a software developer and I am more inclined towards C# language, As this language is a many developers consideration. So for the fresh developers who are looking for a language in which they can put their hands on, so i will recommend them to come to C# as many websites such as stackoverflow and google give you examples that are written in C#, as it is easy to use and understand especially for beginners, because it will save time to understand the given solutions.

I hope this blog would be helpful to all the fresh programmers and it will help them to pick the right spot from where they can start their professional careers.

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