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Did you know that Film Annex is not blocked in Afghanistan or China? It's true, according to one of the latest posts on the blog of Film Annex founder Francesco Rulli, available here

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-Find out more about Film Annex's position in the world of web video hosting
-Learn the difference between Film Annex, YouTube/Vimeo, and the Hollywood machine 

For those who don't know, I am an independent filmmaker in Madison, Wisconsin. I am also currently trying to produce a comedy series shot entirely in Wisconsin with a cast and crew made up entirely of Wisconsin industry professionals. As someone who believes in the merits of independent production outside the Hollywood system, I applaud Francesco Rulli's decision to not get involved with, as he puts it, “big copyrights.” It's not the mission of Film Annex to provide the viewer access to big movie titles that you can see in a dozen other places, both legitimately and not. Film Annex is here to support and promote the filmmakers who don't have access to large distribution houses and theaters. As one of those filmmakers, I greatly appreciate that position.

In addition, Film Annex provides viewers access to those films with lapsed copyrights, such as Charlie Chaplin and other Golden Age films—projects that people may have forgotten about but whose story and production value can still be used to teach up-and-comers about what makes a film a "classic." Film Annex fills a niche of providing quality films, both old and new, to the public at large across the globe, even to places most other video-based websites can't reach, like China and Afghanistan. To know that I could potentially film something here in Madison Wisconsin and have it reach viewers across the world in countries that I may never see in person...well, it's truly an incredible age we live in, isn't it?

And now—a 1940s Superman cartoon! Did you know they're in the public domain? you know. And there's a bunch them on here. Enjoy!


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