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Image Credit: @artbytes via Bitlanders

I have been using Querlo's CBlog or chat blog for a while now. In this another edition of my CBlog, I am going to use the Querlo CBlog platform to create an interactive tutorial. 

In this tutorial using Cblog, I will discuss with you the basics of using Inkscape

Free Vector Graphics Software

Inkscape is a free vector graphics software for Windows (see my blog: Introduction to Inkscape). With Inkscape, you can create scalable vector graphics (SVG) and export them as PNG files.

Querlo CBlog

Querlo's Cblog or Chat blog platform is a different way of creating blog posts. With it's Artificial Intelligence or AI feature, you can create an interactive chat-blog.

Tutorial via Cblog


Image Credit: Tutorial via Cblog powered by Querlo


In this Inkscape Tutorial using Querlo's platform, I was aiming to create a more interactive tutorial, where the reader or user can choose which topic to learn first and even ask the users for their thoughts about the tutorial.

Interact with this edition of my cblog and learn the basics of using Inkscape.


I hope you enjoyed this interactive tutorial via cblog, and learn something. 


Thanks for chatting.

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