Crewing for Jake Leese- Day 2

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Today was the first day of being part of a shoot with the level 6’s. I am pleased to say that today has been a success. My job role for today was sound recordist, which is great as every piece of experience is better for me to develop. The crew met up at 8:30am and travelled to the house that we was film in. after meeting the house owners and the actor we began our work. The first shot was the most difficult because it was outside in the wind of the day. Also with heavy traffic playing it part in a difficult few shots. A good sound recordist will find a way around the problems and that is what I did. I used cover to my advantage by blocking the wind off the microphone. After every shot I reviewed the audio file and confirmed whether we would need to retake.


As the day progressed the shoot and my confidence grew. The crew was great and I felt part of the group. This experience has given me more confidence in my own ability and strengthened my connections with the third year. There was not much dialogue it was more about capturing the actions of the actor. Although the action wasn’t complicated, I had to come up with creative ways to record the action in such a tight space, owing to the crew being in the room as well. By the end of the day we had exactly what Jake needed, and ahead of schedule as well.


TOTAL: 17 hours

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