Crewing for Ruarai Cahill-Day 1

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So we have finally got to the day of Ruarai’s shoot and it was great to have a boom operator, so I could concentrate on sound levels and mixing. Instead of have to hold the boom and position myself I was able to focus on the quality of the audio. I worked with someone who I had only met this morning, he was my boom operator and we got on well. The boom operator was great at taking my advice and even displaying his thought processes as to what sounds to get next.


I learnt more about Foley sounds today because whenever you try to get fresh sounds, it will test your creative thinking. So I feel that I have improved my sound design and the creative thought process. The sounds we got where a little bit of dialogue and sounds around the park. Such as birds tweeting, trees rustling, water trickling and general park environment sounds. This was a good experience in accessing my quickness to find a creative solution to what Ruarai wanted.  Also I have improved my ability to set back evaluate and listen to the world around me.


TOTAL: 25 hours

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