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I had a pre production meeting with Ruarai Cahill about his up and coming film ‘Love of House’. We spoke extensively about he inspiration for the film and also his research for his film. I wanted to understand the meaning and style he was looking for, so I could tailor his sound to the vision he wanted to come across to his audience. We talked about the nightclub ‘Shelley’s’ and the couple the film revolve around. This was a good learning experience due to my lack of knowledge about Stoke-On-Trent’s night scene and its history of house music. Now that I am aware of Stokes history and influence on the rave scene I feel that this will only make the sound design that much richer.


Ruarai’s passion for house music and this film is undeniable, and if I am honest quite infectious. Which is due to his personality and his raw passion for this film. I feel I have learnt a lot from Ruarai in the short time I have worked with him. Firstly I have watched how he treats people, with the upmost respect, which I find that it gets people interested in you and your film. Secondly I believe that he has the contact list in order to boost his career that little bit further. I look forward to being part of this film; I do believe that Ruarai is looking forward to working with me.


TOTAL: 7 hours 

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