crewing for Will Pugh- Day 1

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Will Pugh invited me to take control of his sound team because of the job I had done on Ben’s shoot. This was a good because I must have made an impression on him with how I performed. Anyway the shot was great, we went to a farm in Alton. The sound was on location recording along with a couple of hours for Foley sounds. The crunching of the leaves and footsteps were vital because of the lack of dialogue. In the lunch hour I went to get more sound effects for will’s edit. Although the forest was extensive the amount of sounds was limited to variety. This was a real test of creativity in sound design. As the day progressed the sounds around us was getting louder. Therefore I had to hide behind a pile of logs in or to be closer to the action, without being in the frame of the camera.


This was a great shoot that had a few challenging situations, but we got around the problems. There were a few occasions where sound was impossible to record and to make sure the schedule was on time. I had to make a bold call and stop the sound for a few shots. I aim to do these sounds in postproduction with Will.


TOTAL: 77 hours

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