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Cricket is a sport played between the 11 players from each team.Playing the Round shape field filled with grass.This is the a very famous game played with almost around 120 million players around the Globe.

Formats of the Game

Generally,there are 3 formats of this most interesting Game.

1) Test

2) One Day Cricket

3) Twenty twenty Cricket

This is the second game which is mostly played in the world. 

Test Cricket

Test cricket is played based on 5 days.This is the cricket with 100 overs per day and there are 3 sessions starts from morning session,afternoon session and evening session around 30 overs in the session with each 3.The three breaks comes after the session.The first break is limited for 30 minutes and second is of 15 minutes called the Tea break.Drinks break comes in by the time.The Dressing in the test cricket is White trouser and shirt and jaguar.

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Twenty twenty Cricket

This format is very much new in the game of cricket called the Twenty twenty cricket.The is also called the limited over cricket.There are 20 overs in the game with the 4 overs each bowler completes the overs.Pakistan have won the T20 world Cup in 2009 in England.

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One Day International

In this format of the Game there are 50 overs each has to play 50 overs.Pakistan has won the world cup of 1992 under he Captancy of The Great Legend " Imran Khan" 

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Top 10 Playing Nations and Tradmarks


Pakistan Cricket Board / PCB

Pakistan Cricket board is the governing authority responsible for taking care of all matters related to professional cricket in Pakistan including test T20 and ODI Cricket Played in Pakistan.It is controlling and organizing the Tours under taken by the Pakistan International Cricket.Pakistan became the full member of International Cricket Council in 1952.It was first inagurated in 1948 with name of B.C.C.P (Board of Cricket Control in Pakistan) and Later on the name is changed as PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board).



Cricket Australia / Australian Cricket Board

The board name is Cricket Australia is also formerly known as Australian Cricket Board.This is the Governing Body to see the Matters of Cricket in Australia.It was originally formed in 1905.CA is also eligible for look after the Regional cricket under the International cricket Council.It is not only taking the responsibility of Men's cricket but also the Women's Cricket also.


Board of control for cricket in India ( BCCI )

The board of control for cricket in india (BCCI) is the authority responsible for seeing all the matters related to cricket in India.It was formed in 1928.The selection process of the representative is through a proper channel and elected by the BCCI Officials.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Cricket / ( BCCSL )

This is known as Sri Lanka cricket formerly known as The Board of control for cricket in Sri Lanka.This is the authority which is taking care all the responsibility related to cricket operating in Sri Lanka.


Bangladesh Cricket Board ( BCB )

The Bangladesh Cricket board is the governing body for cricket in Bangladesh.The board became the full member of ICC in 26 june 2000.The board's headquater is in Dhaka.It is operated by the Government of Bangladesh and held responsible for selection and maintenance of venues.



England and Wales cricket Board ( ECB )

The England and Wales Cricket Board is the governing authority is called ECB Created in 1997.The authority is responsible for making rules and regulations regarding county and test cricket.

New Zealand Cricket Board

New Zealand Cricket is known formerly as New Zeland Cricket Council.It is the governing authority and responsible for making the cricket better in New Zealand and held organizing the tours internationally and also organizing the domestic cricket in New Zealand.

 South Africa

Cricket South Africa ( CSA)

Cricket south Africa is the governing authority making it possible and seeing through all matters related cricket.The board is created as the United board of South Africa in 1991.South Africa cricket board as the full member of the ICC.

 West Indies

West Indies Cricket Board

West Indies cricket board is the governing authority to see all the matters related to cricket in West Indies.It was originally formed in 1920.The board has its headquarters in St. Johns and Barbuda.The board became the full member of International cricket council in 1926.It is an organizes the test tours and one day internationals with other teams.

Cricket Ireland

The board is responsible for governing cricket matters in Ireland.Ireland is the associate members of international cricket council in 2006.Cricket was introduced to Ireland in 19th Century.




















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