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I know it takes a little bit of work to understand what the Criptomonedas are. It's 10 years since the first Criptomoneda, and I think you all know it, is the most favorite, it is the Bitcoin. There has been constant evolution over these 10 years, and every day they add something new to that Blockchain technology. So in this post I'll be explaining the simplest and accurately what are the Criptomonedas.
The Criptomonedas are digital currencies, ie virtual money. How do they work? They work under the technology of Blockchain, which protects you from identity theft, besides that for her you are simply a number and is a shared record, which means that anyone has access to acquire Criptomonedas.

The most attractive of this technology is its security, because to be able to buy some Criptomoneda, when it comes to subscribe or register you do not need to give any of your personal data, ie that your identity is protected at 100% and making your transactions Commissions are really very low; No matter if you make a transaction from Panama to Venezuela, or from Venezuela or Panama, the transaction will be the same and the Commission will be the same.

When one speaks that the criptomonedas are decentralized, it means that they do not depend on any entity or bank, because their price depends only on the transactions that there are between the same users.

One of the most favorite things about these digital currencies is that you can buy them from anywhere in the world, no matter if you are in Peru, Venezuela or Argentina, anyone can buy them. No matter your economic status, no matter where you come from, you only need a computer to be able to purchase a Criptomoneda.

How to buy Criptomedas? This question makes me a lot in my social networks, and I think it's the easiest step. But I need you first understand how they work so that you can take the deposition of investing in them, after all is your money and your investment, so you must it in the most serious way possible.

The easiest way to acquire Criptomonedas is through web pages such as Coinbase, local Bitcoin, Cryptobuyer, among others. Later I will be sharing with you a list of the most used platforms to buy Criptomonedas. From these platforms you can buy different criptomonedas, like Bitcoins or other altcoins.

What are altcoins? They are those criptomonedas alternatives to the Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, Lycoin, among others. Then, the first step you have to make to buy the Criptomonedas is to register on one of these pages; In some cases you may be asked for some kind of identification, but that is the most you will be asked. Once the registration is complete, you go to the Buy Bitcoin section. Payment methods are through bank or credit card transfers.

Why do I mention both Bitcoin? Because as everyone knows is the most popular and is the one that all users have more interest, and being the first Criptomoneda, in some cases, to acquire some other you must first have Bitcoin, then make an exchange for some other Criptomoneda you want to get . Not in all cases happens that, there are platforms that allow to buy any other that you want.

Note: It is very important to know that in order to buy these digital currencies, transactions must be made from your personal account, no payment methods are allowed from third party accounts.

Another way to get Criptomonedas is through ATMs. (On my YouTube channel you can view a video that I made so much the experience I had using this method here in Panama). The following way of acquiring them is to undermine them, is the most complex method since you have to have a team to be able to undermine a criptomoneda.

And as the last option, the most favorite of all users, is to offer services or exchange of articles by Criptomonedas. I have seen several ads for sales of cars and houses asking for change Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. Even people who offer their services as assistants or freelancers in exchange for Criptomonedas as a form of payment. It is something that is very safe, because as you all know, these coins increase every day. Today they have a price and tomorrow they can have another one, because everything depends on supply and demand, in very few cases the low price currency, but should not panic if that happens, simply do not sell, do not change, because at some point they will be placed at a level m You're stable. So trust this market because it really is a big investment.

Many of the people also write to me saying that they do not have $11000 to invest and buy 1 Bitcoin, which is perfectly normal, since not everyone has that amount, but there are other criptomonedas alternatives that have a lower value, such as Litecoin that costs Around $100. You don't necessarily have to buy Bitcoin.

There are also people who tell me they don't have dollars to buy criptomonedas, because let me tell you that you don't necessarily have to buy them with dollars, you can purchase them using your local currency. On my YouTube channel I also made a video explaining how you can purchase Bitcoin from the LocalBitcoin platform, which allows you to buy using the currency of the country that you come from.

Finally, I'll tell you about another very important point. Let's say you already have your criptomonedas, you'll wonder, "and what do you eat that for?" Once you have them, you can have several options: you can have them as a backup, a kind of savings, evaluate each day as it evolves and decide whether to sell now or later. You can also do trading, study the market and exchange different Criptomonedas investing either in the short, medium or long term. So if you decide to invest in Criptomonedas, you can choose the way that best suits you.

I would like you to share with me the doubts you have, you can write it down in the comments.

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