DaDice The next Gen Dicing Platform!

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                                                                                           The next Gen Dicing Platform!

About :
Launched on March 1, 2015

Focusing on social gambling and the best gaming experience, DaDice promises to award you with the most enjoyable gaming experience available.
Provable Fairness has become a keyword. We take it one step further by automatically reminding you to change your seed combination.

Features :

✓ Society: Chat live with other players and DaDice staff.

✓ FREE Bitcoin: Faucet works differently! 

You can work your faucet up just by winning bets, no matter what amount!
(Best way is just letting AUTOBET running @98% winchance with 1 satoshi. You will work your way up the levels quite fast and can stop whenever you want.
I started this evening.)

Levels go up to 50.
(This one is not mine though)

✓ Low House edge: Industry low house edge of 1%.

✓ Provably Fair :100% of rolls are recorded and easily viewable live while rolling!

✓ Investments :Invest in the House Bankroll.

✓ Affiliate Program: Join the best paying affiliate program out there!

✓ Reliable: Online tech support, added safety protocol and reliable staff.

✓ Next Generation: Upgraded and perfected program and user friendly design for greater player safety and enjoyment.

✓ Convenient: Fast withdrawal and deposit requiring only 1 confirmation!

✓ User Friendly: Easy to use and added transparency.

No FULL Registration required!

​ click:-

Faucet has been growing some more to 1500!

Also I wanted to add some sort of tutorial which is about the setup of the autobet:

STEP 1 - Click "Pilot Mode"

STEP 2 - Click "Win Chance" and set it to 98%
upload_2015-3-22_12-42-47.png upload_2015-3-22_12-44-14.png 

STEP 3 - Click "Roll Dice"

Now wait for the faucet to go up, you can check this by clicking "Level"

And get rollin' whenever you think you are ready to!

link :-

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