Day three

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Today was the third day of my Waist Training,I was so excited that I wore it the moment I woke up.

Today I wore it bit more tighter than the first two days,I felt amazing it gave me really beautiful hourglass shape it was like i'm dreaming. I spent 6 hours in the Corset, So basically i wore it for 2 hours for the first day ,4 hours the next day and today 6 hours.

and it was like it a part of my body, though i had to adjust it a little later as i was walking, bending getting up and down so it moved a bit or poked while bending to i had to adjust it.

All In all it was a nice experience.

From tomorrow I will be wearing it up to 10 to 14 hours a day.

Oh no maybe tomorrow i won't be able to wear it for long as i have to go to court tomorrow morning.So i will wear it when i will come back from.

so excited :) 

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