Development Problem Faced By The Developing Countries

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Underdevelop countries are commonly that countreies which have low national income as compare with America or Canada.
In other words if a country have low natural resource as compare to the population of the countary.
Mostly the developing countary have to face many problems.

Most of the problems are as follows. The first problem is the low level of living.
They are not just living of society is divided into two groups. There is only rich people on the one side and the poor people is on other side.
In this way the rich group is going more rich and poor going more poor.

Low level of produclivity is aslo a solid reason.
Because of the lack of the investment and technlogy their production goes low. That's why their production reduce.
Pakistani are burning silver to make their bread.
High rates of population growth is also caus of the poverty.
In developing countary birth rate increases day by day.
Because of the lack of resource unemployment increases.eed r

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