Diabetic - what to eat and what to avoid

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Being a diabetic is not a happy state. A patient will always be confused on which food causes the blood sugar to rise and fall. A low carb diet causes low sugar especially if a tablet is being taken. Added to the complication will be rigorous work and exercises. 

I hope that I arrive at a conclusion sooner or later about my food and sugar level. I also hope to save for a home testing meter. 

The temptation to eat snacks and sweets is too much especially when they stare at you so hard. However, the cases of sudden complications makes me resist it. earlier docs said no sugar diet. However, the diabetic forums say that a little bit of sugar in the form of spreads or fruits can be had accordingly. That is why I wrote the title that way. 

It is also wise to eat smart right from youth as the unnatural, (fertilizer rich) processed foods is harmful to anyone. Kids should start learn to love home made food rather than snacks and other such foods. Mothers please be aware. 

consuming a pinch of cinnamon powder daily helps keep sugar level in control 
Wishing you all great health

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