Differences between Microcontroller and Microprocessor

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Differences between Microcontroller and Microprocessor

The main differences between microcontroller and microprocessor are as follow

  1. Microcontroller contains the CPU and all circuitry internally. But microprocessor is provided the external memory.
  2. Microcontroller is also called the mini-computer but the microprocessor is used in several micro computers.
  3. The instruction set of microprocessor is very power full as compared to microcontroller. Power full instruction set means how much memory locations can be accessed. The microprocessor includes instruction set for bit, byte, and nibble, word even double word. While the microcontroller includes instructions bit or byte for input output devise.
  4. Microprocessor is Processing device while the microcontroller is use to control the input output devices.
  5. Microcontroller contains the internal interrupts internally, but in microprocessor interrupts are provided externally.
  6. The advantage of microcontroller is that they are cheap in cost, speed is very high are used for single bit addressable input output devises like LED, output array. And programming is easy.
  7. Microprocessor quickly follows instructions, can be used for most complex circuitry. but its disengage is that is get heated quickly and can damage.

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