Dioxin Causes Cancer

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Dioxin Causes Cancer


There were many studies have already been made which pointed out that Dioxin causes cancer, especially breast cancer in women. In what aspect in our every day's life it is connected? It is through the use of plastic and styrene in packaging, storing, heating and serving foods. The chemical is reacting when we heat up and/or freeze plastic container releasing dioxin in the food without noticing it.

It is not advisable to freeze water in a plastic bottles. When you leave water in plastic bottles inside you car or vehicle, don't drink it anymore because it might had been heated while driving or in parking. Chances are, the dioxin had already been released into the water because of the reaction of chemical when it was exposed to heat. Do not wrap your foods in the refrigeration using plastic wrappers, they might contaminate the food. Do not be in a habit of reheating your foods in a microwavable plastic containers. Too much heat on the plastic container will be release to the food while heating it. You can use ceramic, aluminum or pyrex glass instead.

Avoid also serving foods using plastic tablewares and styrophor as they may release dioxin while the foods are still steaming hot. Ceramic wares, glasswares and stainless steel wares are advisable to be use. In the provinces foods are being packed using banana leave and some other leave that are non-toxic and not easily tearable. This way is more practical, very economical and also environment friendly. We all knew that disposable plastic bags and and styrophor take hundreds of years before they will be worn out and disolved. More so, when they are burned it pollutes the air that adds to the greenhouse effect or the climate change.

We cannot fully eradicate the use of plastic in the modern time but we can minimize the frequent and abusive use. We are not killing the plastic industry here but educating the people of the proper use of plastic and in return the industry will produce a quality and environment friendly products. This is not only for health issues to avoid the sickness it brings to human life like cancer. But also to help save our environment, the mother earth for the future generations.


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