do not at night

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12 On the street at night is not shit piss up the wall, if they stick to the urine is extremely bad omen.

13 The night is not going to play-calling each other names, if not the devil will remember the name of the caller, which is a bad omen.

14 Do not pick up the money drop on the road, because that money could buy off people worshiping demons cohorts, if the person who committed rider, will face perhaps disaster.

15 banyan tree in front of the gas is negative convergence, the devil loves this place, so the rider standing, sitting, lying, hiding ... there.

16th. Where corners are corners where the devil often gather to rest, not to come near that place.

17 When you go to bed not to bow sandals towards the bed, without seeing the devil would guess that there are people living in bed and we would go to bed with you.


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