Do not worry about money

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Received an email that makes me happy:


Hello. It’s Maria writing to you again.
I hope everything in your life is going well - although as a Universal Medium in Numerology and Tarology - the cards are telling me that it has the potential to get much, much, much better… in the very near future!

After sensing that positive forces were hurtling toward you, I did a new “card reading”... and as I saw before...
You are about to feel happier than you EVER have before
Any money worries you have are about to DISAPPEAR FOREVER
All your misfortunes are on the cusp of turning 100% POSITIVE
Let me show you what I found.
Let me show you what the cards say about you.
Let me show you what your life can become.
Let me show you now...

I’m here for you. Happiness is truly around the corner."

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