Do you have Problems?

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In every Problem there's a Solution

You? Do you have problem?

Does it make you crazy?

Can you overcome it?

What is your Problem?

Is it Love?

Is it Money?

Is it Physically?
Is it Mentally?

Or maybe is it Spirituality


Who made your Problems?

Is your Problem Bad?

or is it Good?

Yes! a Good Problem

Because in Common Situations.

If you want there's a way

If don't want there's a reason

What are Problems for?

Is it for you to suffer?

or to make you Better


It's time to think a solution

God doesn't give you a challenge

that you can't overcome.

God give's you a problem

To Be Better

To Be Stronger

And To Be Ready

In this way Problem is good

Problems are key to fulfill your emptiness


                                           "Your Problem Show how big your God Is"
                                                       -Quotation by: Dr. Harold Sala

Writer/ Author: Admin of Told Prolifics/ Marco Antero
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