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The world is beautiful and we want to live many years in happiness. For some it becomes a question. How long can I be in this beautiful world? They are in this situation as they may be suffering from some terminal disease like kidney, liver, lung or heart failure. They wait for organs and if they do not receive it in time they have no other alternative than to die. Those who are blind due to some accident or from congenital conditions they are also eager to see the beauty of the Earth they are born but they are unable to do so. We can bring happiness in their lives if we pledge to donate our organs. A kidney can be donated even when you are living as we all have two and can leave with one even after donation. Rest of the organs can be pledged to be donated after death. Isn't that amazing? A fit person alone can donate so many organs and that may restore life and bring happiness to many patients who need them. Have you pledged to donate? 


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