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Meninadanca is an organization in Brazil that helps girls to stay away from the risks of being sexually exploited and also to teach the community to see and treat them differently. Their objectives are to rescue girls from danger, heal them from their past, empower them and help them to achieve fulfillment in their lives, integrate in society and their family and break the cycle of poverty.

In Brazil, the law enforcers are not really putting an effort with this matter and that´s why this organization exists now and gives hope and opportunities to young girls to have a better life.

You can give a donation for support here!

When we learn to help each other, even if is only once in a lifetime as long as we take the time to help others from our country or a different one, well be making a better world, with better people.

Thank you and I hope you can donate this time and if you can´t, please share the word, someone might do it.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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