Donate your blood or get your matched blood free

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Donate your blood or get your matched blood free


If you need blood?
Today I'm going to be sharing a very good website.
This is a characteristic of this website if you want blood you can find in the name of your city.
If you want to donate your blood you can become a member of this website.
that people share.
The facilities are all in this web site admins so they were saying that he spoke too soon on this website are bringing free voice messaging service.

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About Blood.Pk came into being in 2009 back with a desire of no one going through the pain of watching helplessly when their loved ones are suffering and do not get aid in time. Thus was born with a mission to help those who would be in dire need of blood, since our inception thousands of people have came forward as potential donors and enrolled in our database from all over Pakistan, some of them even from the Middle East.
We are now focusing on our campaign to eradicate Thalassemia from Pakistan by the year 2017. Insha’Allah (Allah Willing)


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