Don't Stop. Keep Going

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The course of Life is never smooth. There are twist and turns, problems, happiness, sadness, and sometimes , it even gets worse..and worse than ever.
These times too will pass anyway..We need to keep hope and keep striving for the best we can evolve , to make ourselves the best version of ourselves. That's what matters and that's what the problems in our lives are all about...they intent to make us better, not bitter.
The you know the problem? Whenever we get to encounter harsh realities, Situations, and problems of life, we get lost. We should never lose our vision.. you should mourn, cry, shout, get fed up, get angrier and angrier, but, never lose sight of what you want..
Believe that everything happens for a reason.. If you really want it, that hold on to it..Feel the pain, feel the sadness, that will make you more of a human..and you will get to realize that even pain and the harsh times in life are worth living..cry as much as you can. But never stop...never ever stop....
I feel so pity about those people who act as they were down from the beginning...
You know what really really matters in this life...???
Its happiness!! and only happiness...everything else is secondary..
Always remain happy...even in sad times believe that happiness "Will'' Come after matter the things that make you happy..the greatest decision is to be happy..
Life is meant to be lived Happily...Make mistakes..make a lot of them..experience life in every possible way for, Nothing becomes real unless you experience it..
So live your life with a hunger for experience. Experience everything ..even in bad times too, never stop...Do your work Unapologetically not stress about what people think ever...
You deserve to be happy , to live your life in every possible way..Just go, and live...and yes, '''Live happy''

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