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Telling this cartoon about a robot cat that comes from the 22nd century to aid a schoolboy, Nobita basis slacker. In the story Nobita also has a friend like Giant, Shizuka and Suneo. There was also another friend who frequently appears in the story as a rival Nobita Dekisugi as equally close with Shizuka, Giant Jaiko sister who likes Nobita.

and now, for you who want to see the movie Doraemon live version of this video footage he made ??in various countries in the form of advertising, to parody funny video clip:


1. ads To*ota

To * ota Japanese automotive company never made an ad titled Doraemon, Nobita and his friends in versions when they become adults. Doraemon character played by French actor Jean Reno, Satoshi Tsumabuki as Nobita, Asami Mizukawa as Shizuka, Naoya Ogawa as Giant, Tomohisa Yamashita and Atsuko Maeda as a former member of AKB 48 Jaiko.


2. Vietnam version

In Vietnam there is also a short film parody of Doraemon in plesetkan be slightly different from the original version as the Giant cast replaced by a girl. To cast Shizuka ie My Huyen Nguyen received attention from netizens because it has a beautiful face and looks very suitable acting out Shizuka


3. Taiwan version

Jay Chou a versatile singer and actor from Taiwan who bleed chineese. Also follow loh, making video clip version of Doraemon


4. Thailand version


5. Indonesia Version

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