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how many of you drunk and drive.

I know there are lots of people who do that and take risk of their and other’s lives. Daily lots of people lose their lives in road accidents and the main reason for it is they drink and then drive.

This is the fact.  They know it still they take risks. People almost lose sense when he/she is drunk. There are people who can’t speak but they drive after consuming liquor. I am upset as recently I saw a road accident in which driver had some severe injury.

I am pleased to know that Delhi traffic police will be strict on the eve of new year and every where they will be equipped with breath analyzer to check if the person driving vehical is drunk or not.

They have already announced that the person who will violate the rule will be heavily punished.

I wish if all of us take a pledge not to drive when we are drunk so that we may make roads more safe for us and for others.


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