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I had to try out all there is to earn bitcoins. The best part was Bitcoin is possible to withdraw in my country. The jobs pool paying via Bitcoin is not too great for the time being, but it`s growing. It all boils out to mining, solving capatcha, PPC, investing and gambling. But it`s all free to join. It is anonymous.

Now my conclusion is that if you are new in this you`d better play safe. And to play safe get a Bitcoin wallet. Back it up. Then skip all the gambling and investing risky offers and stick to this 3 proven earning methods to earn bitcoins:

MOONBIT - this is the faucet that pays the most for solving capatcha.You can claim every 5 minutes and will get paid every week. JOIN HERE

BITCOIN ZEBRA - the second best paying faucet also offering a bitcoin multiplying game without the risk of losing. You can claim reward every hour and get paid once a week. JOIN HERE

BITLANDERS -  Social site that pays for sharing and distributing unique content like movies, blogs and pictures. Here you must wait a couple of months for payout but you will never find any better paying place on the internet so it`s worth it. JOIN HERE

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