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Faucets sites:

http://freebitco.in/?r=271074 - get up to 200$ in Bitcoins every hour!
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http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=5e9c605e44e7 - get free Bitcoins when you want!
http://bitcoinker.com/faucet?ref=859c52f1087f - get 1000 satoshi every 15min with xapo wallet !!!
http://faucet.bitcoinzebra.com/?ref=57e6b0e9dc18 get up to 2000 satoshi every hour to xapo wallet!
http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=8ca88443851c - get free Dogecoins when you want!
http://freedoge.co.in/?r=110964 - get up to 200$ in Dogecoins every hour!
http://www.cryptocombo.com/?a=14765 - get BTC,LTC or DOGE every hour!
http://ltc.kingbit.co.in/?id=Lbmrczi9AFyF1Gf6AqA9Gpxxyq4K5TvaWc - get 12500 - 1250000 uLTC every 10 min or when happy minutes start 75000 uLTC every 1 min!
http://marslite.co.in/?r=LTaXLDx5xJWvL8wmXJpdFJ2P8vaVvdWuDv - get free Litecoins when you want!

Invests sites:
https://coinsdouble.com/?ref=DPXBb - Invest BTC,LTC,DOGE,XPY and earn 100% in 100Hours!
http://getbitcoins.io/ref/fdd969d758 - Invest BTC and get 30% profit after 24 Hours!

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