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I think we can all agree that the Easter holiday is a pretty big deal and the unique traditions we all have in celebration of this holiday are tons of fun and always a good time with friends and family.


That being said, there are some cool twists to traditions when it comes to Easter depending on what country we’re from and may not include in our celebrations right now but possibly add to next year’s festivities.

 For instance, one of the greatest comforts of Easter where friends and family unite is of course through food. Whether you’re doing Easter brunch, breakfast or dinner, these are some unique flavors you may want to add to your palate.


When we’re talking about dinner, many of us love a nice juicy and glazed ham with a hint of fresh citrus or pineapple with a side of country-style sour cream mashed potatoes or roasted baby taters with some fresh herbs.

 Now if you’re looking for a slightly different approach try an Easter brunch or breakfast with some sour rye soup otherwise known as borscht filled with pieces of boiled eggs, sausage, horseradish, and bacon bits. That will definitely bring a cultural twist to your Easter.


Beyond food, we have the Easter egg hunt. These are great for any family especially those with young children who absolutely adore searching for little plastic eggs filled with candy or goodies.

 On the other hand, if you want to keep tradition close to home, a great Easter festivity is sitting at a nice grand table with your family, grabbing a couple of paint brushes, some edible paint and decorating some eggs.

These eggs can double as household décor by cracking a tiny hole on the top of the eggs to release the yolk and whites.

 We all have our different twists to tradition that we enjoy with our families. Just think of all the little moments you have with your friends and family however big or small it may be, these little traditions are what make this holiday so unique and full of love. So try new things, or not, but always make it memorable.


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