Ed Snowden and the average American's ignorace in relation

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Well this is mainly a diatribe to ramble aimlessly through the Ignorace towards the ability of our (US and others) government "special agencies" ability to run unchecked while collecting most of ALL electronic communications... not just here but else where. BUt the one we need to focus on first is US spies SPYING ON AMERICAN SOIL ON AMERICAN CITIZENS... everyone so if need be in the future they can start back tracking you
Snowden released a multitude of information about the NSA (National Security Agency) ability to collection phone calls, emails,txt messages,ect.! This was released to 3 select reporters and allowed them to use their discretion in how to release and what to release... To date not much if the info has been released but what has; is VERY DAMMING to the Fed govt. who have/had been adamantly dening these capabilities. In cases where Feds had admitted they had the capabilities they 

defending that it was not being used by casting a net over American's blindly. (which they were and still are)
The cold hard facts about of some of what Snowden relaeased was discussed on the John oliver show, comedic though very much a TRUE JOURNALISTIC INTERVIEW worth the watch!!! avaiable on the U-Tube for those not blessed to have the premium channels... John went about putting a whimiscal approach to a very chilling topic. That approach I think will be much more effective for getting people to understand the vast power that is being wieled by our governments shadowy alphabet agencies in the forefront of course the NSA.

You gotta get educated to this topic... I assure you if you were informed you would be outraged! They could be looking at all those dirty pic and you phone right now... Oh wait they don't have to since they already have them saved in a database for convient viewing later...

Sleep tight!

(by the way this was an unedited ramble so I dont want to hear about the type-o's) :)


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