Eden In You

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Eden In You...


I finally found my
Garden of Eden
when I met you.
All of my life,
I searched for
someone who would
make the stars
shine bright each night,
and make each day sunny.
I wanted someone
in my life who would
make me smile,
someone who would
make me feel cherished,
someone who would
give me a lift
when I'm feeling down,
someone who would cheer me on,
when I hesitate,
someone who would
hold and comfort me
through the storms.
You've done all of this
and so much more.
You've brought the beauty
peace, and love
of the Garden of Eden to my door.
Now, every night,
and every dawn,
I need you here with me,
because I love you,
and I'm only complete
when you're beside me.




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