Effects of drinking cold water after eating

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     Hot weather is coming and we all love to drink cold water.  When we are tired and thirsty we want to drink cold water because it refreshes and soothes our feelings. After a long and tiring work or activities we want to drink cold water because it has the ability to close our skin pores so it prevents more sweat to come out. Drinking cold water not only close our pores but also our digestive tract that has a great effect on our digestion specially those with slow metabolism.

     What will happen if we drink cold water after eating?  Our stomach cannot easily digest the food we eat easily  because our blood vessel shrink.The nutrients from the food cannot fully absorb by the blood vessels.The nutrients from the digested foods give us energy so if our body cannot absorb it well we will lack energy. The energy from the nutrients which regulate our body temperature easily consumed by our body so if we are lack from it will cause water loss from and sometimes dehydration. Drinking lots of cold water also bring mucus in our body that will affect our immune system. If our immune system will be weakened we can easily attack by diseases. Cold water hardened the fats from the food we eat so our stomach cannot digest unwanted fats easily.

     Instead of drinking cold water drink lukewarm water or water in room temperature. Drinking lukewarm water makes our metabolism fast so food digestion will be fast too. When our digestive system is fast we have regular bowel movements so the toxins from the food we eat easily removed from our body. Having a good digestive system feels great.

     Happy eating and drinking to all.

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