Eid part 2 But the question is , Are we Muslims ? Must Read...

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Eid part 2 

But the question is , Are we Muslims ?



Today we are doing shopping's, enjoying , everyone is busy in preparation of Eid celebrations ,has anyone thought about Palestine Muslims, Today is their Eid how are they celebrating their Eid , on such a bad situation , the cruel Israel is not the enemy of only Palestine that is not the matter of Palestine's Muslim that is the matter of all Muslims. If Islam is one, Allah is one , our last prophet( S.A.W.W)       is one , their preached is similar then why we are doing this. Today poor Palestine is suffering tomorrow we will on that stage if we were silent. I just appeal to all Muslims please be a nation a Muslims nation. Don’t make divisions like a am American , I am Pakistani , Indian , European , plastineis , Saudi , UK, I just appeal to all Muslims countries , that be one nation , no one can defeat Muslims if they show union .













And don't forget about this that one day we will in front of our lord and he will ask about this cruelty what we will say then that was not our matter or we can do nothing for them, don’t think we can do nothing we can do everything . Simply we can request to stop war, we can do processions , rally , and see how governments not taking action . Shameful this is this European Muslims ,Libyan , American Israelis' also doing against Israel cruel war, but our Arabian and pure Muslims countries nation are silent. We should provide them food , all necessary things . We shouldn’t see their destruction silently …… may be tomorrow we will on that stage … so please think and do something for them I did my type of work and


I am not celebrating Eid because my innocent Muslim brother , sister and their children are being ruined .how I can celebrate Eid on that a criticalsituation think Muslims I thought because I am Muslim.


I have done my duty try to aware , combine the Muslims unity , Please don’t copy me ,that I write you also start writing this topic that is not enough , I also request to assistance capable people do something provide food everything of need , and pay stress to stop war, and I also request Taliban they are doing blasts in Pakistan and killing innocent people go and save palatine you say, " you are doing jihad "now please do it in Plastine. And our Muslim government don’t wait to end palatine please take an action on time otherwise every Muslims country will be Palestine …..



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