end of everything

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There is an end of everything. Some day at some point there is an end. Living organisms have to die buildings have to destroy so in this world everything have an end. Seasons change. Start of a season end the other. So in this world end of one thing start another.

There is variation in this universe which is called life. Without this variation universe seems meaning less to us. As we say everything ends at some point so human beings born as baby, eyes full of dreams he grows change into man, straggle to full fill his longings and in the end tires, change into old and dies. His creation starts from thread like structure gene and after a full life dies and decompose in to mud. Every human being either he is master or slave, poor or rich, king or bagger have same fate.

Alexander the great the king of macedonia who conquer the large part of our planet earth have the same fate. When this great man died he had nothing and his both hands were empty. We built our great houses and buildings with rocks, bricks and cement but when these destroy they change in to mound of mud.      




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