End of my Favorite game

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The Mighty Rohan Warriors

In the longest time since we began our march together
With warriors who ended up as heroes and villains 
Wars that strengthen our brotherhood
And the camaraderie that we’ll treasure forever

Amidst of troubles and tribulations
The mighty Rohan warriors never loses hope
That the goodness will ever prevail
And the evil will forever be vanquished

Now our world will turn around
As we bid farewell to our Rohan warriors
Together we’ll see another day
With a new journey and discover new mysteries 

With a heavy heart we will close Rohan Philippines
By October 31st 2014 marks the end of the game
Thank you for the memories, friends and foes - 
Our Mighty Rohan Warriors!
A message from the Official page..

i enjoyed playing this game even though its too expensive.. 

buying items in PESO.. up to 2,000 pesos

i realize i have spent my money badly.. :(



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