Engineering Drawing part 1

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Hey guys! I hope you have taken great interest in mine previous blogs and you have very well knowledge after reading this one… Today I want to tell you about engineering drawing. What is drawing and its importance in our life’s etc???…


Drawing is the graphical representation of the real or imaginary objects. It has many types for their different purposes.

Engineering Graphics

It basically refers to imagination, sketching, model/designs, configurations, specification etc and to use analysis for engineering project.

Engineering Drawing

Engineering drawing is a set of drawings which communicates the idea, model, schematic proportions etc.

Engineering drawing is the universal language which connects the world with together in engineering field.  

 It can be done with proper and specific instruments.

It is used by engineers to hold and their ideas and transmits them.


What is drawing???

First I want to clear your concept about drawing… It’s basic purpose is that we can easily express our ideas or information’s which we have thought or imagine.

Typical Engineering Design Cycle

We can describe this cycle by six points….

  1. Problem Identification
  2. Preliminary Ideas
  3. Design Refinement
  4. Analysis
  5. Optimization
  6. Documentation


 Standards are sets of rules that govern how technical drawing are presented….

Some common standards are:

ANSI: American national standard institute

ASME: American society of mechanical engineering

ISO: International standard organization

JI:  Japanese standard

MIL: U.S Military


  Writer: Waleed Altaf

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