England captain exposed to blackmail.

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Newly appointed ODI captain of England Eoin Morgan is now facing a tarnishing reputation problem. He is involved in woman scandal. He is inflicted with the accusation to have an illegal relationship with an Australian woman.

The England Cricket Board informed that, they got an email from an Australian citizen who claimed to had a illegal relationship with Eoin Morgan 5 years ago. The name of that woman is remained unpublished by the ECB. She threaten the board that, if they don’t give her 35000 Pound, then she will uncover this to media.

ECB said that, someone is trying to tarnish the reputation of Morgan and this is a kind of blackmail. ECB thanked the Australian Metropolitan Police to identify the culprit of this incident. As the World Cup is approaching many are trying to cage the top cricketers with scandal. This might be the activities of the match fixers.


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